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Star Crossed Lovers Hear Wedding bells


Star Crossed Lovers Hear Wedding bells

Releasing on January 15th, Knot in Destiny is the fifth and final book in the paranormal romance series, Star Crossed. The Blackburns and Blackwoods are finally coming to terms and giving their blessings, but no everyone is happy with Meredith and Malcolm. Join them as they face magical trials and puzzling tests to prove their love.


Knot in Destiny:

Meredith Blackburn is about to get married. Everything has finally fallen into place and nothing is going to stand in her way. Her happily ever after is put at risk when an objection isn’t just voiced but forces Meredith into the most elaborate prison ever conceived of.

Ready to make Meredith his wife, Malcolm Blackwood is more than willing to tie the knot, but he didn’t think it would be so tight. Getting through this maze of monsters is the only way to get Meredith back to the alter and he’s determined to make it the happiest day of their lives.

Can they untie this knot? Or will their thread unravel?

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Praise for the Star Crossed Series:

“The characters were engaging and the storyline is promising for what's to come.” – For Just Beyond Daybreak

“This story takes us on a journey into the mystery and danger that continues to surround these two families.” – For Caught by Nightfall

“A good read, Malcolm and Meredith are growing stronger as characters and provide an engaging story throughout.” – For Chasing High Noon

"An enticing read." - For Witching Hour Madness

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After the Saving Grace Saga


Short Stories

To celebrate The Saving Grace Saga coming to print a series of short stories focusing on the world after the saga ended will be released. 

Smoke Hunt: Two wolves in the desert find themselves connected by fate.

Blood Hunt: The Saving Grace Act may have been abolished but these two witches still struggle for equality.

Wild Hunt: Back to where it began this witch and werewolf must overcome the echoes of pain.