Shorts Under Jessie White

Bush Hogging


A Zombie short story about a man who just wants to retire. Published in  Issue Two of  Tales of The Zombie Apocalypse.

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Short stories under Jessie White tend to drift pretty far away from romance. Using this name helps connect my writing and make it easier on readers looking for one genre over another. 

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A Lord for the Duchess


Simone Noir is a romance novelist who just wants to finish her latest story before her deadline is up. Her eccentric aunt, however, has other plans. Invited to a murder mystery weekend getaway, Simone learns that not everyone is who they seem to be.

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Symphony of Stars


In a future spent among the stars allies are few and enemies are everywhere…

Aaron is an eccentric engineer just trying to get home. Stuck a solar system away, he must overcome his anxiety and face his fear: People.

Tirana is the captain of a small cargo ship trying to avoid cruel fate. She and her kind are hunted for their jewel-like claws. 

Overcoming their mistrust and fear could be their undoing or their success. 

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 A chess game between the gods to decide the fate of a people. Wrong and right. Good and evil. What concepts are these that we've assigned the divine? 

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